I love taking Yoga classes with Yagnesh . I have gone to other studios that are closer to my home, but
it is worthed driving a bit to Golden Lotus Yoga Center. The other studios are just not the same.
Everytime I take a class with Yagnesh I feel so relaxed, and so much closer to where I need to be
spiritually. I am delighted to report that my Asthma problem has gone away since I've been practicing
the breathing techniques. I feel great.
__Vicki Schaffer (Actress)__

As a massage Therapist I've been looking for a Yoga studio to recommend to my clients who suffer
from chronic pain. I've been to a lot of other studios but since I started taking classes with Yagnesh
ShantiOm, I feel like some inner transformation has taken place within me. I feel enlightenment. Now I
don't ever want to stop practicing Yoga. I've been attending Yoga classes at Golden Lotus Yoga
Studio for about 7 months now. The first session was awesome, but I wasn't able to do everything. I
have improved a lot since then. I highly recommend Golden Lotus Yoga to all people, not just those
with chronic pain, but specially those on a spiritual path.
__Monique Aponte__

The very first session was very relaxing. This is my seventh session, and in this short period of time, I
feel calmer and better able to handle daily stress. I can concentrate a lot better, especially in the math
class; I could not focus on it before, any little thing would distract me, but now I play music in the
background when I study Math. Physically I feel better and stronger.
__Laurel Gurley__

It was early afternoon when I came in for the first class. I remember feeling good and excited about
Yoga after the class. I signed up for 4 sessions per month. The following month I was going 8 times a
month and now after 6 months I'm attending twelve sessions per month. I moved up from the beginner
class to the intermediate level within three months. I love the techniques I've learnt to help me get rid
of negativity. I feel relaxed, centered and content. I work in a beauty salon and recommend Golden
Lotus Yoga to all my customers.
__ Leslie Wrona__

I had never done Yoga before, but when my daughter gave me a gift certificate for Christmas I
thought well I'll give it a try. I remember being very stiff and had a hard time. I realized how out of
shape I was, and now within 7, or 8 sessions, my balancing is a lot better, my focusing power is
increased, and my legs are strengthened. I can't believe that I can actually do these stretches.
__Barbara Wrona__